About Us

In April 2019, the CRTC approved the licence application of the Paqtnkek Radio Society, a non-profit board representing the community of Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation. The application, which took about 18 months to complete, was prepared by Richard Perry, communications advisor to Paqtnkek and a former CBC and CTV National News broadcaster. The early months were busy with fundraising, investing in studio and transmission gear and making sure the application’s programming details reflected the interests of the community.

Application Details:

Board of Directors

Anne Marie Paul
Judy Bernard Julian
Tanya Francis
Benedict Lafford
Juliana Julian
Richard Perry


Kim Julian | President
Darlene Paul | Vice-president
Richard Perry | Secretary/Treasurer

Nominations for Board and Officer positions (volunteer) are accepted and voted upon at an annual community meeting.


Join Our Team


Join Our Team

Ben Lafford

Our first hired announcer, funded by the National Indian Brotherhood Trust Fund, is Ben Lafford, who hosts his own show from 11am to 2pm Monday to Friday. Ben is an active community member. He helped produce a CD for local artist Mary Beth Carty and also attended the NSCC media program.

Richard Perry

Richard Perry is the station manager and co-ordinator of funded projects by the National Indian Brotherhood Trust Fund and the Department of Canadian Heritage. He is a former broadcast journalist and now works with First Nation communities on audio storytelling and podcasting projects.

Station Location

The combined on-air/production studio is located in the current security room of the Band-owned Entertainment Centre, 4 Dillon Street, Afton Station, NS. The building will be converted to an Elders’ Centre in the near future, which will provide convenient access for those Elders who wish to share stories or have conversations on the radio. The local signal teaches the community from a transmission antenna on a steel tower behind the six-plex apartment on Treaty Road.